Towards carbon neutrality

M-Filter Group has launched a project towards carbon neutrality. The carbon footprint will be calculated in accordance with the greenhouse gas (GHG) protocol, which is a generally accepted and broadly used calculation method.

We will start by identifying the carbon footprint of our operations. To this end, we have selected Green Carbon Finland as our partner. Green Carbon has the first ISO 14064-certified carbon sinks in the Nordic countries. It is important to us that our carbon footprint is calculated by a reliable external expert organisation.

We will first identify where emissions are generated and how they can be controlled and reduced. After this, we can take concrete action for the environment. We will offset part of our emissions by using carbon sinks. Green Carbon’s certified carbon sinks are Finnish forests and partnership projects with Finnish landowners. M-Filter will offset direct emissions from its operations by using certified Finnish carbon offsetting.

Our aim is to make our operations carbon neutral by means of emissions reductions and carbon offsets. We will draw a climate roadmap to lead us towards low carbon business.

More information about the GHG protocol is available at 

For more information about the project, please contact:

Meeri Virkkala
Quality and EHS Manager
+358 40 718 1720

Summer vacations are approaching

Our factories in Haapavesi, Hanko, Vimpeli, and Salo, Finland, will have summer shutdowns. Similarly, our factory in Lithuania will be closed for a while during the summer.

MANN+HUMMEL expands Northern and Eastern Europe presence

Together with the Finnish filtration company Oy M-Filter Ab, the MANN+HUMMEL Group opens up new strategic business areas in Scandinavia and the Baltic States.

Against diseases by purifying indoor air

M-Filter Group is involved in a development project, where the goal is to find out whether air purification can reduce the incidence of circulating upper respiratory tract infections in children.

M-Filter Group expands again and strengthens its position

Oy M-Filter Ab has acquired all shares of Filter Partner Oy, which operates in Salo, Finland. Filter Partner Oy was established in year 2006. Company specializes on production, sales and marketing of HVAC- and industrial filters and is one of the leading experts of HVAC-filters in Finland.

Towards carbon neutrality

Our aim is to make our operations carbon neutral by means of emissions reductions and carbon offsets. We have launched a project with Green Carbon Finland to lead us towards carbon neutrality.

Clean Finnish air conquers the world

Clean air specialists Oy M-Filter Ab and Filterpak Oy have merged in a transaction where Oy M-Filter Ab has acquired all shares in Filterpak Oy, which operates in Hanko, Finland.

Filter solutions for indoor air cleaning

We manufacture the most demanding filtration solutions to improve indoor air quality, e.g. for viral air purifiers.

Bag and compact filters

PL-Filter bag and compact filters.

The new M-Filter brand

The new and improved M-Filter brand.

Hygienic mask production started

M-Filter has started hygienic mask production in Finland.