OEM-tuotanto & referenssit.

OEM production & references

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M-Filter’s strength is in providing customer-specific solutions even for challenging applications and in smaller batches.


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Our service model

A significant part of our production is delivered to the equipment manufacturer as OEM filters. Our service includes all parts from production design to fulfil special customer needs.

  • Professional customisation of structures, filtering capacity and design.
  • Consultation.
  • Customer branding.
  • Reliable scheduled production.
  • Storage services.
  • Production volumes from small series to larger batches.
  • High-quality products.
  • Support for M-Filter Group’s delivery reliability.

What does quality mean to you?

At M-Filter, we think quality is simply a promise and a certified operating model.


Our references

We are the OEM supplier for numerous global brands in many industries.

Ventilation and air cleaning

Internationalised Finnish ventilation brands rely on our expertise and the precision of production. Our customers in providing OEM of EPA and HEPA filters include leading air-cleaning equipment manufacturers.

Machinery and small equipment

M-Filter’s customers include several leading European brands that manufacture machinery and equipment for professional use. These brands that are considered the best in Europe rely on our production. Some of our customers came to us thanks to our ability to customise filters for very challenging requirements and produce them reliably.

Agricultural and -machinery

We provide significant quantities of oil, cabin air and engine air filters for the OEM of many global tractor brands. Our ability to have flexible small production shows in long-lasting customer relationships with manufacturers of forestry machinery.

Automotive industry

Filter production for the automotive industry has played a significant role in the history of M-Filter. We have produced pre-assembly filters for cars of successful Japanese and central-European car brands.

As a sign of trust for our customers, we present our references through industries without mentioning the brands.

Trusted OEM partnership

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