Filter technology

Filter structures

Different filter structures and materials make countless alternative solutions possible, providing the best solution for many different applications. Here are some of the most common structures.

Plastic-framed cassettes

A structure solution suitable for small series, a durable and light structure.

Metallikehyksiset kasetit
Metal-framed cassettes

Good heat resistance in high usage temperatures, strong structure.

Side strip structured cassettes

Simple, cost-effective and light. Easy to recycle, the most environmentally friendly structure solution.

Bag filters

Made with a metal, plastic and wood frame. The most popular filter structure in large ventilation machinery.

Compact filters

A more developed alternative for bag filters when you want the best energy class. Especially suitable for demanding applications.

Urethane ends

A cost-effective structure solution.

Metal ends

Sturdy structure that endures higher temperatures.

Plastic ends

An excellent choice as an economical structure solution for a larger production volume. Easy to recycle.

Monimuotoinen uretaani
Multifunctional urethane end

Urethane enables the manufacture of diverse and even more special shapes and structures.

Urethane panel

A traditional structure solution for panel filters where the structure comes with a seal. Can be sorted into energy waste.

Synthetic fibre ends

Light and easy to make. The most environmentally friendly structure.


Used for oil, fuel and hydraulic filters. An alternative structure for spin-on filters.

Spin-on rakenne.
Spin-on structure

Used as structure for oil, fuel and hydraulic filters. The spin-on structure makes customer-specific labels and branding possible. Ask more from our sales team.

Räätälöidyt erikoissuodattimet.
Tailored special filters

Our production makes customer-specific demands and structures possible that help us create more special and challenging solutions.

Uretaanireunainen tasosuodatin.
Urethane-framed panel filter

With the flexible structure, it can be fitted even in tight places.

Filter materials

When we tailor a filter designed for OEM production, the desired filter results and the requirements of the device or environment affect our choices of materials. For example, certain coatings can extend the filter’s life, etc. We use the best European filter materials.

Synthetic fibre materials

Synthetic fibres offer many different material alternatives, such as:

  • Polyesters and polypropylenes
  • Teflon-coated materials
  • Oleo-hydrophobic treatment
  • Bulpren, pre-filter wadding
  • Antistatic synthetic fibres
  • Nano-fibre materials
Fibreglass materials

The most common material forms of fibreglass are:

  • pleated fibreglass mats
  • fibreglass fabrics
Sellupohjaiset materiaalit.
Cellulose-based materials

Cellulose-based materials can be refined by coating, for example, as follows:

  • With nano-coatings and, for example, by blowing plastic over cellulose fibres (meltblown) you can improve the filter’s efficiency and energy class, and reduce the initial pressure drop.

Do you need help with filters?

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