The quality of M-Filter is based on the idea of overall quality

As an international original equipment manufacturing provider, our operation is based on the following quality systems. We achieve the high and consistent quality of our products with high quality materials, professional design and precise operating methods,.In product design, our main criterion is the filtration capability and durability. The filters are manufactured from the best materials. We follow the ISO-9001 quality certificate and on environment issues we follow the ISO-14001 certificate.


Working principles and policy

We are responsible and keep our promises to our customers.

Long-term customer relationships

Professional and experienced staff

We are liable, flexible and prompt.

Modern working methods and quality of our suppliers

We recycle our waste and take care our environment.

Our goal is to reduce waste and save energy.

We organize and clean our workstations together.

We consider the product life cycle’s environmental impact in design and production.

We work according to legislations and regulations.

We update our register about legislations, regulations and requirements twice a year.

The ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards guide our actions. We continually improve our process quality and environmental matters in our quality management system.


Customer promise

Agreed quality within an agreed schedule.