Pussi- ja kompaktisuodattimet

Bag and compact filters

A bag filter is the most typical type of filter in large ventilation machinery. The frame structure of the bag filter can be of metal, plastic or wood. To improve energy class or the filter’s function in challenging conditions, a compact filter is a more developed alternative. For example, the operation of a bag filter can be disturbed if snow gets inside the filter and freezes. In these cases, the bag filter must always be changed. Instead, the compact filter can be cleared of the snow, and you can continue using it.

Filter materials used in bag filters:

  • In the case of a filter that meets basic requirements, synthetic material is the cheapest option.
  • If your aim is to have a more reasonable energy economy, fibreglass materials are a suitable choice.
  • The maximum energy class (A+) can be reached by using nano-fibre materials.

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