Frequently asked questions for vehicle filters

Where can I find the right filter?

Our product catalogue is extensive and easy to use . You can also call us (tel 010 821 5700), we will be happy to advise you.

I have the spare part number of the previous filter. Where can I find the corresponding M-Filter number?

Our product catalogue converts reference numbers to M-Filter numbers. Enter the number, you have, in the comparison table and press “Search”. You can also call us (tel 010 821 5700), we will help you to find the right filter.

I would like to find the filter based on the dimensions, how does it work?

In the product catalogue, you can find the dimensioning tables. You can search for filters from different groups and you can narrow down the list by entering search values. It is best to look for fully replaceable oil filters in the list section.

Where can I buy a filter of the M-Filter?

The sales network for M-Filter filters is wide. You can find dealers on our site. You can also call us (tel 010 821 5700).

How often the filter should be replaced?

The interval is always determined by the engine / vehicle manufacturer. See the correct interval in the instruction or maintenance manual.

What is the right disposal method of used filter?

Used oil- and fuel filters are classified as hazardous waste. Disposal according to your local waste treatment procedure.

Disposal of air filters also according to your local waste treatment procedure. Single piece you can dispose among house hold waste.

Clean packing material is recyclable (plastic, carton).

I’m not satisfied with the product I bought. How do I make customer complaint?

You can contact us via web form at our web page or by phone +358 40 821 5700. We will sort out the problem together.

Please do not throw away the filter, as we often request customer to send it back to us for further inspection. These inspections will give us information to improve our production processes.